Top And Popular Creed Fragrance For Men And Women

Creed is a designer fragrance brand that dates back to centuries. The company has designed perfumes especially for celebrities and royalties from different parts of the world. The brand Creed is popular for using the best natural ingredients, and it creates unique scents which stand out from a huge crowd of fragrance companies.

One can find most popular Creed fragrance for both men and women, and through this article, we shall share few popular ones for them. The company caters the need of crowd that comes from a luxurious background. It was started in the 18th century, and till date, it stands the best for not just old users but also attracts thousands of new users.

The brand Creed is a celebrated designer for the ones who are in love with unique crafted perfumes. Majority of the clients of the brand in earlier days has been from the royal families of Europe and others from the upper class of the society. However, in the present times, the company is also offering perfumes to the public, though the prices are high the quality is simply unmatched.

Popular Creed Fragrances for women

Let us start with the women’s line of perfumes which mostly include floral and something which is easily attracted by nature. However, one can also find some funky twists in scents with the addition of spicy, fruity, and such tones.

  • Spring flower:

This is one of the most favourites of the ladies; the fragrance is a beautiful combination of peach, rose, musk, jasmine, ambergris, and apple. The fruity and bright tones are simply appealing to women who work and spend their most of the time outside.

  • Fleurissimo:

This is a mature kind of fragrance than the one mentioned about and doesn’t include any bright smells. The nature of this perfume is elegance and classy together and gives out a touch of feminism beautified. The combination that Fluerissimo includes is of tuberose, violet, Bulgarian rose and Florentine iris.

  • Fleurs de Bulgarie:

This is an old scent which is being sold from the year 1845. It is a floral perfume; however, there is a touch of a citrus in this scent. One can even smell a spice which can turn the mood on. The natural ingredients used in this perfume are ambergris, musks and essence of Bulgarian roses.

  • Tubereuse Indiana:

If you are looking for some soft and light scent, then this is the perfect one for you. You can use this every day and even for some casual evenings. The perfume includes the smell of tuberose, vanilla, bergamot, and ambergris. This scent provides a captivating smell, and one should not just miss it.

  • Vanisia:

If you have to go to a sophisticated party or to an exclusive meeting, then a smell that would suit the best is Vanisia. The ingredients used to make this perfume are rose, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood.

Popular Creed Fragrances for men

Here are few of the most popular Creed fragrance for men. Let us see which kind of perfumes attracts the men.

  • Aventus:

This is a fragrance which is suitable for men at the casual events; it brings out a citrusy flavour and is also not strong to overpower people in the surroundings. However, it will definitely impress the people who are around you.

  • Silver Mountain Water:

This is one of the most popular Creed fragrance which is loved by most men. As the name says, it is crisp and fresh and will provide a clean feel for the men.

  • Jasmine L’imperatrice Eugenie:

This is a popular smell which was launched in the 19th century; it was specially created for the Empress Eugenie of France, who was Napoleon III’s wife. The perfume is a good blend of ambergris, vanilla, bergamot, jasmines and Bulgarian roses.

  • Acqua Fiorentina:

If you wish to have something romantic and light in your perfume, then a combination of flowers and citrus will be a great thing. Layered notes from natural flowers and other nature’s ingredients will be something perfect. The ingredients include lemon, bergamot, carnations, Virginian cedar, and rose.

  • Millesime Imperial:

If you are looking for something, extraordinary then you should go for this one. You can use this smell for any occasion, as it gives a soothing effect. Some of the components that it has are musk, vanilla, lemon, mandarin.

The above mentioned are the most popular perfumes from the brand Creed and they have been selling in huge numbers for decades. If you are a lover of this company then you can choose any one of them from the ones mentioned above. Now, even you can get into the category of upper-class people and join their shoulders by using the lavish and classic perfumes from Creed. So, purchase them now!

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