Reviews Of Top Four Fragrances From Creed

When there is any discussion about the Creed perfume, then it means people are talking regarding the house of Creed, a leading perfume house based in London. The company was founded in the year 1760 by Mr James Henry Creed, in London. It’s been six generations since the foundation, and till date, the brand is one of the successful selling companies of the world. Presently, the brand is managed by Oliver Creed, the chairman of Creed globally.

The perfumes of the brand are known for its supreme quality, and they stand ahead in the competition of worldwide perfumes and fragrances.

All about House of Creed

The brand is not just popular but is also respected in every part of the globe because it makes use of natural ingredients to develop the fragrance. Right from the beginning, the house has attracted clients from various sophisticated backgrounds and so has received many positive Creed fragrance reviews. The company gives attention even to the minute elements of perfume, hence the list of its clients include royal people, elite celebrities, and Hollywood actors as well.

Oliver, the owner of the house is from the sixth generation, he was trained for years under his father, and now he is given the name of a master perfumer. He got this tag in the year 1975, and till date, it is said that the son has been a great follower of his father, and he too pays the same attention as his father used to in every little aspect of the perfume, right from the production to the packaging and design.

Mr Oliver was even rewarded for developing few exquisite sets of perfumes in the entire history of the brand. One type of Creed known as Creed spring perfume was developed in the era of 80s, especially for the actresses of Hollywood. But, this series was not made for the public; it was launched in 1996 just for some time. In order to achieve success, the company launched the same fragrance again in the year 2006. And now, they upgraded it with a nice pink colour and a new attractive package.

Reviews of the top Creed fragrances

Spring flower perfume

There are numerous varieties of perfumes available, but if you need something refreshing and want to experience that novelty fragrance all day then spring flower Creed would be the best option to consider. This can be used for any occasion and at anytime all day and night. Whether you are going for a party or for a casual day, this would be appropriate for any occasion. Just after you use the perfume, there will be a pleasant smell of apricot, melon, peach and apple in your surroundings. It will not just remind you but will awaken the senses of people around you. Even if the smell starts fading, you can feel a mixture scent of jasmine and roses and be giving you an overall spring flavour.

Silver Mountain Water

This is another popular fragrance suitable for men and women. It is inspired from the clear and cool air of the mountains and give the smell of a perfect combination of muck, black currants, green and black tea, muck, black currants, and mandarin. It was the favourite product of Mr Creed. This fragrance is a blend of aromatic and freshness and is best or the people who work during daytime. It is a long lasting smell and provides a great feel which can be used in special occasions and at work.


Himalaya, right from the name one can understand that the perfume is developed with a motive of purity as the Himalayas are. This is the versatile fragrance of the brand which is best for evenings, everyday purpose and even for special times. Most of the men love the smell of this product as it smells good and it even comes at a reasonable price. The smell of the perfume has a fresh and spicy fragrance, suitable for sensual bodies. A lot of sophisticated men from royal backgrounds love to apply this perfume which gives them an appealing smell of woods and cedar.


This is one of the perfect fragrances by Creed which has been specially designed for men who are of masculine nature. It is aromatic and includes a blend of sandalwood, lemon, patchouli and many herbs. In addition to this, one can even feel a touch of both ginger and tobacco. Experts and professionals from hi-fi background prefer to use this perfume as it can be applied in day and night. If anyone wants to impress females at work or at parties, then this perfume is highly recommended.

The above mentioned were top four Creed fragrance reviews that are suggested by the expert creators of the Creed brand. You can try any of them and you will surely love the smell of all of them.

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