Here Are The Top Creed Fragrances By The Brand Creed

The brand Creed is most popular in every country. It has earned a reputation for decades and has created over 200 fragrances for both men and women. The company has been running successfully in the market for a long time, the credit goes to the natural and supreme quality scents that it produces. People sometimes get bored of their usual scents; hence Creed makes sure to come up with something new all the time. The best thing about the company is that it makes use of 100% natural substances only, and this is the aspect which pulls thousands and thousands of people towards it.

Top Creed fragrances are now favourite among the celebrities as well, who love the sensuality and warmth of the scents of this amazing brand. Let us check some of the top fragrances of the Creed in this article.

Top Creed fragrances for men

  • Himalaya: The men who are versatile in nature love this fragrance a lot. This scent is known to be suitable for every kind of man, and for every occasion. You can use it for night outs, casual evenings, working days, and even on special occasions. This is an all-around scent which has a woody aroma which gives a sense of warmth, freshness and spice at the same time. The combination of wood and cedar aroma is a very appealing smell which is loved by many women as well.
  • Green Irish Tweed: This is one of the most demanding perfumes from the house of creed, and is best suited for every kind of man. It is the favourite perfume of a lot of celebrities and is made up of lemon verbena, violet leaves, ambergris, and sandalwood. A perfect natural smell! There is some kind of a spark present in this perfume, and hence it attracts the intellect and confident women.
  • Silver Mountain Water: This is another interesting fragrance that is found to b alluring by both males and females. The smell of this perfume is a perfect combination of black currants, green and black tea, bergamot, and also Mandarin. This is one of the top creed fragrances as it gives the effects of crisp and cool air. This is actually the favourite smell of Olivier Creed who is the master of perfumes of the brand. It gives a fresh response and is considered to be suitable for daily use.
  • Millesime Imperial: This one has been made as a tribute to the brand Creed on being successful for 140 years in the fragrance production industry. This perfume is unisex, it can b used by men and women. The fragrance is made up of green mandarin, bergamot, lemon and iris, and is simply perfect for any use. Men love the long-lasting effect of this fragrance, and they usually wear it at night and day.
  • Tabarome Creed: This comes under the unanimous category of perfumes and is perfect for the sexy, serious and macho men. It gives out a combination of tobacco, patchouli, lemon, ginger, sandalwood, and mandarin. In addition to this, a musky feeling can be felt, and this is a great option for parties.

Top creed fragrances for women

  • Fantasia De Fleurs: This is one of the romantic top creed fragrances. It was developed first in the year 1862, especially for Empress Elisabeth. However, it was again reintroduced in the year 1983. The perfume is floral and rich; it includes the smell of iris, Bulgarian rose and is perfect for every person. It was popular in the era of 20s and 30s for spic and elegant smell.
  • Acqua Florentina: This is one of the most magnificent perfumes of the company Creed. It was launched in the year 2009 and is made for the modern woman. The fragrance has been inspired from the Renaissance art of the 15th century. The fragrance is a mixture of bergamot orange, plum, pink carnations and sandalwood. This is one of the long lasting smells and is favourite of all women, irrespective of the age.
  • Fleurissimo: This is a floral scent and is elegant in nature. It combines the combination of Florentine, violet, Bulgarian rose and tuberose. It was developed in the year 1972 and was made for the wedding of Prince Ranier. Mature and modern women use these kinds of perfumes. It gives a classy and sophisticated feel.
  • Love In White: This fragrance was launched in the year 2005. It is one of the most pleasant smells and is a mixture of magnolia, vanilla, rice husk, orange blossom, and sandalwood. It is a crisp and clean perfume and gives the perfect feel of florals and citrus together. Modern men can use this perfume for any location, be it for parties, work, or casual evenings.
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