Essence of Royalty Packed in a Bottle by Creed Fragrances

What does it take to tailor a perfume whose aura lingers in the heart forever? The answer to this question rests with the priceless Paris based perfume house Creed. This house was established in London in 1760 by James Henry Creed and handled by the antecedents of Charles Creed. Initially, the house had laid its hands on a decent collection of perfumes that remained unnoticed until the mid 19th century when Empress Eugenie and Queen Victoria found their fashionable dandy at this perfume house. Both of them became a devotee of their royal fragrances and Creed became a phenomenal brand.

This was just the beginning, as the perfume masters had many more wonders to create. With time passing by, Creed started to produce an endless range of products that were exclusively designed for political figures and celebrities. One such signature perfume is Angelique Encens which was specifically crafted for the Bishop of Paris in 1933.

Later, Oliver Creed who had held the flagship of the company, decided to create his very first perfume for the US Troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington DC, when they returned home after wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The perfume that had dedicated for them was named as Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse – this is one of the rarest collection of Creed fragrances. It had subtle top notes of grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot and thus remained to be an impeccable expression of sunshine and happiness.

With the production of this perfume, Creed could receive the honour of having over 10 royal houses across the globe.

A Walk through the History of Creed

Creed’s journey has always been inspirational. This is why when any perfume aficionado makes their way to their perfume house they are wonderstruck by the history, recognition and endless collections of scents that they are able to discover. The steps that take inside these houses are considered to be a beautiful process of finding yourself through scents. Every fragrance has a story to tell and every bottle holds a memory to be cherished.

Though earlier Creed had stored its rare collection of fragrances only for specific clients, soon in 2010 the company officially made some of the finest one amongst them available for the public. Selling those rarest collections was a huge decision indeed. This led to the mainstream success of the brand, and Oliver became the notable producer of popular Creed fragrances which were Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, Milesime Imperial and Aventus.

The Catharsis of Creed Fragrances

It goes without a saying that the effect of perfume is powerful and is something that words would fail to describe. Some people link it with time, some with memories, some with places, and some unconsciously relate it to a certain event of their life. There is catharsis in exploring and wearing the best Creed scents.

The process of finding your signature perfume is a simple yet elegant one. An experienced Creed perfume connoisseur can always help you in selecting a perfect one that blends easily with your skin and becomes a part of your personality. This is why the store director of Creed, Louis Cavallo strongly feels that the signature perfume that you select is a part of you; it speaks volume about yourself without you uttering a single word.

The thing that is interesting about this catharsis is that it always gifts you with a new taste. For instance, you might use a signature perfume for several years but after a certain amount of time your nose goes tough on it and the notes become confusing. This is the period where the process of catharsis begins again and your journey for getting the best perfume arrives at a new destination.

Creed Has Something in Store for Everyone

Subtle, sublime and refreshing, no matter what your taste is, you will never be disappointed with the collection that Creed has in store for you. The prime focus of perfume masters is always on the personality of people because as mentioned earlier the personality can tend to be a deciding factor on the type of perfume that one would love to use.

Making a note of that, the perfume markers of Creed design lavish, imperial and earthy tone of perfumes that sets well with any kind of personality. For instance, the musk and fresh fruity fragrance- Aventus is meant for people with a bold sense of personality, similarly, Royal Oud an earthy tone scent made from Agarwood is something that would go well with shy and interesting people, both the fragrances were a widespread commercial success

From a simple perfume house in London till becoming a leading high-profile perfume brand, Creed fragrances has seen it all. Currently led by the pioneers of the world of perfume Oliver Creed and his son Erwin Creed this company is a legendary name without which the making of perfume will be incomplete.

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